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How to Draw Animals with Sketch Pens

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How to Draw Animals with Sketch Pens

Activities for Kids

Want to learn to draw beautiful animals with sketch pens? Don’t worry, we are here with simple but amazing drawing ideas to draw animals and colour them. Let’s have a look.

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Learn to Animal Drawings with Sketch Pens


Animal Drawings Dragon

Kids are fond of dragon tales. Drawing a dragon in your art book is an awesome plan. Have a look at this image and then try to make the ditto of it on your art book. Colour it with any of your favourite colours. Outline this drawing using a sketch pen. This painting is best suitable for kindergarten kids.


Animal Drawings Rabbit

Bugs Bunny is one of the most famous and loved cartoon characters by all kids. Try to trace this bunny in your drawing books. You’ll surely get good grades from your teacher. Hearts surrounding the bunny had added more beauty to this. Red, pink and white has made a good combination together. All the colours used have made this drawing more graceful yet easy.

Pink Fat Man

Animal Drawings Pink Fat Man

This bottle-shaped man is too funny and looks at his belly, it’s too fat. His eyes bulge outwards. Try to make this one and colour it properly. This drawing is suitable for kids age 8+. A few round shapes are combined perfectly to create this funny character.


Animal Drawings Dinosaurs

It may look like randomly made triangles of different sizes and you’re right. But these triangles have been arranged in such a way that they may look like a dinosaur to you. Kids try to draw this one. This art activity is best suited for kids of the 7+ age group. Her pink colour is used but you can try any colour of your own choice.

Animal Drawing Ideas for Classroom

Animal Drawing Ideas for Classroom

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Activities for Kids
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