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Dolphin Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Dolphin Crafts & Activities for Kids

Dolphins have a favorable reputation among ocean enthusiasts all around the world. Sharks have a reputation for being frightening and dangerous, whereas dolphins have a much gentler demeanor. They will swim and play with humans, and some have even been known to save individuals who have gotten themselves into trouble at sea! If you like dolphins, you might be wondering how you might learn to sketch, and make different dolphin crafts but aren’t sure where to begin. Here are some fantastic ideas for you to show your creativity!

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Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities

Dolphin Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Dolphin Corner Bookmark

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities Dolphin Corner Bookmark

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

Make these cute dolphin bookmarks which are quite different from others, Trust me! When you will pop this bookmark the tail will disappear! Woohoo! Isn’t it unique! Try it out and also teach your friends to make it and flaunt your skills while making it! This will surely look cute and attractive over your textbooks and you can also add up more detailing to it by using colors!

Diving Dolphin

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities Diving Dolphin

Image Source/Tutorial: Activity  Village

A moving dolphin!!! Small Kids will surely be fascinated by this amazing craft! This craft shows a dolphin diving in and out of the ocean waves! Moving Crafts can be difficult to make but this innovative idea makes it pretty easier for the same! This craft doesn’t require any expensive supplies too! You only need some basic crafty supplies to make this craft and have fun making it!

Jumping Dolphin Paper Plate Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: sunlight

Let your kids engage in a fun learning activity this summer season! Enhance their motor skills by teaching them to make a dolphin in ocean moving craft that they will be proud of and show off to their friends and family! Decorate it over their room’s wall to bring a smile to their face and let them stay motivated in performing more creative tasks!

D is for Dolphin Craft for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: That Bald Chick

If your kids are fond of marine life then they must love the cute dolphins! Teach your toddler the alphabet in a creative way that he/she will never forget! D is for dolphins! Your toddler will remember it and will be interested to know about dolphins more and more! Plus, this learning craft will look stunning in your kid’s room! This will surely bring a smile to their faces!

Clothespin Dolphin Craft for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: dzieciakiwdomu

Get creative with this amazing and easy-to-make craft! All you need is a wooden clothespin, colored paint, colored foam sheet, scissors, glue gun, and googly eyes, that’s all! Most of the supplies will surely be available to you at home already! You can do more of the aquatic animals’ craft using this idea! They can also be a great toy for your kiddos to let dolphins and sharks grab things from their mouth!

Leaping Dolphins Craft for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: highlights

Let your kiddos take the first step towards their dream of becoming an engineer right from their childhood! With simple instructions, planning, and concentration, they can create an ordinary tissue box and an old CD into a toy that actually spins! This craft will definitely be the piece to showcase and it can also be used to teach children about dolphins!

Banana Dolphins

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun Crafts Kids

Want to make up something healthy for a kids’ party? Sounds weird right? But it is possible and the kids will love to eat it too! Use this amazing idea for making the food look fun and appealing that kids will be excited to consume! These cute banana dolphins are so easy to make! Now you don’t need to trick your kids into eating something healthy with this idea! Try it out today!

Dolphin Craft With A Box

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities Dolphin craft with a box

Image Source/Tutorial: All kids network

Give wings to your child’s imagination through this dolphin craft! Recycle a waste milk carton into an ocean box through which a dolphin jumps in and out! This craft is a fun and creative way to teach your kid about the importance of recycling and what’s better to make something creative out of the waste that is eye catchy and fun to play with!

Felt Dolphin Bookmark

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities Felt Dolphin Bookmark

Image Source/Tutorial: Activity village

Let’s make this adorable dolphin bookmark that will make the boring reading time joyful for everyone who uses it! Kids can also make this to gift to their loved ones like parents, grandparents, and friends too! Felt toys look realistic and pretty so this craft will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s faces! You can also customize this dolphin into a brooch pin too!

Dolphin Collage

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities Dolphin Collage

Image Source/Tutorial: Activity village

Make a wall decor on your own! This dolphin is easy to make and anyone can make it, even a beginner! Scrunching tissue papers and pasting them over is always a fun and successful craft for kiddos! This craft decor will definitely look stunning in your kid’s room or even in their bathroom to encourage them to bathe just like a dolphin in the water! Swoosh! Jump in the water!

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Ocean Theme Dolphin

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities Ocean Theme Dolphin

Image Source/Tutorial: Brilliant Bundles

Dolphin over a glass! It will look absolutely amazing! Make your own stained glass dolphin at home and paste it over your window to peep through it, this will also brighten up your room! All you will need is a dolphin template, contact paper, tissue paper, scissors, and a marker, you can make the dolphin template on your own by drawing on a white sheet of paper and then cutting it out.

Paper Mache Dolphin

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities Mache Dolphin

Image Source/Tutorial: Kidstv

Make a dolphin model with paper mache! This model will turn out to be a great home decor and can be used as a toy for children as well! You can customize the size of the dolphin for home decor! Imagine what a giant dolphin would look like in your drawing room or bedroom, yes, it will look stunning! This dolphin is decorated with paint and stone beads to make it look even more attractive!

Beads Dolphin

Beads Dolphin

Image Source/Tutorial: Amy Egitto

Hang this bead dolphin over your room’s door to make it look just perfect! Everybody loves to decorate their room which matched their vibe! If you love dolphins then this craft decor is a must for you! Create it with some easy steps and supplies and give your room a new crafty collection that will look stunning! Show it off to your friends and family!

Cardboard Dolphin Cut-Paste Craft

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities

Image Source/Tutorial: Brooke Thompson

Kids love to create something with their own touch of imagination and uniqueness! This dolphin craft is a perfect fit for the same! Make his dolphin which will be unique to any other dolphin! This will give a new creative idea to your kid and will expand the scope of creativity in him/her! They may create something distinctive by adding something to it, like different colors!

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Paper Plate Dolphin

Fun Dolphin Craft and Activities

Image Source/Tutorial: The crafty Family

Make a paper plate dolphin for your craft project! You can even customize the color and size of your dolphin as you like! Add texture to it to make it look even more realistic! Your imagination is the limit! You can make it just by a single paper plate and paint it over in your desired color. Make the dolphin’s eyes and mouth with paint to complete the craft! That’s all!

Dolphin With A Triangle Twist

Dolphin with a triangle twist

Image Source/Tutorial: In The Bag Kids Craft

This dolphin has something unique to it! A triangle! This dolphin craft can be a fun learning craft activity for your kiddos! This can drive those motor skills while making it and also teach your kids about the triangle shape in a new way! A craft is all about creating something unique and difenert from the usual, so this one is a perfect fit to rock on with your creativity among all!

3D Paper Dolphin

3D Paper Dolphin

Image Source/Tutorial: Lookwerelearning

Looking for an interesting summer project? Here you go, this 3D dolphin craft is perfect for kiddos! Kids love to see dolphins! And why won’t they? These creatures are the cutest! This craft will surely be fascinating to the little ones and they can also unleash their personal imagination within! They will also be keen to learn about dolphins while making this craft!

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Dolphin Notebook

Dolphin Notebook

Image Source/Tutorial: Papermagic

Have a fun time with your little one while making this cute paper dolphin! Crafts are meant to be fun for everyone not just meant to do things for you! Make this easiest craft dolphin with colored paper for your little one and have a fun quality time together while making crafty memories! This will only take a few minutes to make it but will surely be a break from your boring day-to-day routine!

Dolphins Puppets And Paper Plate Ocean

Dolphins puppets and paper plate ocean

Image Source/Tutorial: Preschoolpowolpackets

Let your kids explore the ocean world in crafting! This dolphin puppet craft will let them use their imagination and create their own ocean world using some simple supplies that are cheap! Gather those beds and pearls and create something very beautiful out of them! You can also create a giant ocean world containing various fishes and plants and then showcase it in your room!

Dolphin Sketch

Dolphin Sketch

Image Source/Tutorial: Firstplaette

Make this easy dolphin sketch! Kids love colors! Let the kiddos unleash the little artist within themselves on paper with this dolphin drawing and colors! Encourage them to create their own twist of dolphin, and maybe you’ll get to see a dolphin with flower texture or a dolphin with wings! Hahaha! Who knows what a kid can imagine? Imagination has no limits!

Laughing Dolphin

Laughing Dolphin

Image Source/Tutorial: Preschool Activities

Hahaha! Laugh out loud together by making this laughing dolphin! A craft should be fun to make and this suits the best! This craft can also be a fantastic way to engage the kids in a fun learning activity as kids will be interested to learn about dolphins while making this craft as you can see this is a rectangle-shaped dolphin, you can also make it in other different shapes and teach about them too!

Egg Carton Dolphin

Egg Carton Whale

Image Source/Tutorial: Pre-school Activities

Don’t throw away those empty egg cartoons! Make up cute crafts from them just like this tiny pretty dolphin! This is very easy to make and the results will surely bring a smile to everyone’s faces! This can be the next piece for your crafty collection! You can customize it by adding various colors to it! Your imagination is the limit! Make a whole bunch of dolphins and decorate them in your room!

Origami Dolphin

Origami Dolphin

Image Source/Tutorial: Arts for kids hub

Origami helps to drive those motor skills and also is a fun learning activity! Origami increases concentration while keeping the person interested in it! Create this easy dolphin origami to add up to your origami collection! Flaunt your origami skills by teaching others to make this dolphin just by using a single sheet of paper snd you will be done in minutes!

I hope you like our Dolphin craft and activities for kids ideas and I believe you will surely try some of them if you like our craft ideas then read more posts on our website and let me know in the comment section which idea you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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