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Engineering Projects for Grade 1

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Engineering Projects for Grade 1

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If you’re searching for engineering projects for grade 1, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of engineering projects for grade 1 like first-grade engineering craft ideas, DIY sound science experiments, and egg drop challenges for preschoolers.

In today’s world engineering is growing at a fast rate. Engineering is about making innovations and developing ideas to solve surrounding problems with science and mathematics and, to make life easier. As the world is growing, the demand for engineers is rising, or you can as engineers grow the world is growing fasters.

It is imperative to kids about the importance and needs for changes and innovations. Kids are born engineers, they are always curious to experiment, design, redesign, and build with anything they can get their hands on. So, we are come up with some amazing engineering projects for grade 1. These crafts are full of fun and knowledge, your kids are going to love them.

Engineering Projects for Grade 1

Engineering Projects for Grade 1

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First Grade Engineering Craft Ideas

First Grade Engineering Craft Ideas Engineering Projects for Grade 1

Image Source/Tutorial: Villa Maria

This is a first-grade engineering craft idea. This craft is inspired by the story, Brooklyn Bride. This activity of playing and experimenting with blocks to make out something amazing from them is quite popular in many places. This activity is very beneficial for kids to develop fine motor skills, mathematical mind, critical thinking, creativity, and eye-hand coordination. Kids can try out this craft with the help of blocks and can make a bridge of their design, capacity, and strength.

Water Bottle Fountain For Kids

Water bottle fountain For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Learn With Play At Home

This is a water bottle fountain craft for kids. Many a time it seems that water is the close friend of kids. Kids have so much fun playing with water. This craft is going to be one of the favorite crafts for kids. This craft would also help you teach interesting facts about water and balloons, which would develop kids’ self-esteem, critical thinking, and creativity, and enhance knowledge. This craft should try out with kids.

DIY Sound Science Experiments

DIY Sound Science Experiments Engineering Projects for Grade 1

Image Source/Tutorial: Babble Dabbledo

This is a sound science experiment craft. All kids would love to try out this experiment but it would be received with special affection, love, and excitement by kids those love music. This is easy to create different melodious sounds with the help of simple materials, easily available at home and school. With this craft, kids would learn about different sounds, they can experience and hear these sounds, and would develop their motor skills.

Kite Making Fun Activity

Kite Making fun Activity 

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Bins For Little Hands

This is a newspaper kite craft for kids. Kids have learned in their books about kites and they must be curious to fly kites by themselves after seeing kites in the sky. So, let’s teach them how to make a DIY kite at home. This craft can be easily created with the help of newspapers, strings, and dowels. Kids can customize this DIY kite craft in the color and design of their choice. Through this crat, kids can be taught many interesting facts about kites.

DIY Paper Roll Mini City

DIY Paper Roll Mini City Engineering Projects for Grade 1

Image Source/Tutorial: Today’s Parent

This is a mini-city craft out of paper rolls. This craft is made up of empty paper rolls. This craft is full of fun and new experiment for kids to do with friends and family. Kids would experience live interaction with the city look, they would come to know how a city can be formed in the project form, and they would learn many new things related to houses, cuties, their structure, and their formation. This would enhance their knowledge and critical thinking at another level.

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Junk Boats Craft Ideas

Junk Boats Craft Ideas 

Image Source/Tutorial: Play Dough To Plato

This is a junk boat craft for kids. This activity is one of the best activities to increase kids’ social circle. This activity can be carried out in pairs, where kids would see if their boats would float. This activity is the best example of outdoor activities as this would add the unit of knowledge and kids would love several new skills and would increase their social circle, increase communication skills, and they would make new friends.

Simple Engineering Challenge With Sticks

Simple Engineering Challenge With Sticks Engineering Projects for Grade 1

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun4 Boys

This is an engineering craft made up of sticks. In this craft, kids would make different structures with the help of colored jumbo craft sticks. Here is an example of making a hexagonal shape bridge, kids can create different shapes of their choice in the same manner with their friends. This craft would expose kids to different ideas of using sticks, they would learn different shapes, which would help in the development of eye-hand coordination.

Egg Drop Challenge For Preschoolers

Egg Drop Challenge For Preschoolers 

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Bins For Little Hands

This is an egg drop challenge for kids. This activity is a great activity to explore how to drop an egg without breaking it using paper. Kids would learn interesting facts about eggs through this activity. This craft is easy to make at home, it requires a few pieces of cardboard tubes, a tap, and eggs. This craft is perfect to make and experiment with friends.

Cup & Stick Engineering Craft For Kids

This is a cube-and-stick engineering craft for kids. This is an activity of building a structure with one cube as the base. This engineering project craft is amazing and beneficial for kids to understand the power of balance in life. This craft is easy to make, it can easily be done with the help of small cubes, glasses, and craft sticks. This craft would develop the skill of maintaining balance, and eye-hand coordination, increasing concentration power, would boost confidence level, etc.

A Stable Lego Bridge Project Ideas

A Stable Lego Bridge Project Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Building a LEGO Bridge

This is a stable Lego bridge craft. This craft is an interesting activity for kids to play with friends and family. This craft is about making a bridge, made up of blocks, and then testing its stability by rolling a ball towards the bridge, with variations in the rolling speed of fall. This craft would develop kids’ concentrating power, motor skills, and technical mindset, help in understanding how to fix a target, and would analyze the speed of objects.

I hope you like our list of  Engineering Projects for Grade 1 and will surely try to make them. If you like our ideas and want to read more crafts ideas, Keep visiting our website for the latest DIY ideas and other creative stuff for kids, parents, and teachers. Please let us know in the comment section which Engineering Project for Grade 1 you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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