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Easy Animal Paper Crafts for Kids

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Easy Animal Paper Crafts for Kids

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We have listed 10 amazing & Easy Animal Paper Crafts for Kids which can be used at home or school to teach crafting to your kids. Read the article to know more about it.

Crafting is one of the favorite tasks of kids because kids love being creative. The education system throughout the world has been told to include the art & craft class in the curriculum to encourage the creativity of children through crafting. We have brought amazing and easy animal paper crafts for kids to help you with the ideas.

Papercrafts are fun and easy to teach. Children tend to learn it fast as compared to any other creative activity like drawing or coloring. Paper crafting is inexpensive and easily accessible to us. The necessity of teaching craft skills, and especially papercraft to children is that it leads to their development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Papercraft can be of different types such as paper cutting, paper folding(origami), or simple crafting.

With this aim of easy learning, we list down 10 amazing & easy animal paper crafts for kids for your toddlers, kindergarteners, and preschoolers.

Easy Animal Paper Crafts for Kids

Easy Animal Paper Crafts for Kids

1. Colorful Papercraft Caterpillar


Creating colorful crafts is the most favorite activity of kids. This colorful caterpillar is created by folding the craft papers of different colors and pasting them together. Constructing these colorful caterpillars using the papercraft technique is the best way to teach your preschoolers about caterpillars and the spring season.

It not only enhances the knowledge of your kids but also leads to the development of their creativity. This craft is best suited for kindergarten kids or preschoolers.

2. Cute Tigers with Paper Folding


we all have tried origami art to create beautiful cute animals and figures using the paper folding technique. these adorable tigers look so adorable and they will surely be loved by kids. the irresistible charm of these cute tigers is attractive. the procedure of making these cute tigers using papercraft is very easy.

you need colorful papers of orange and black color. fold them in the shape of the animals and construct the facial features and detailing using a black marker. and there you go! your cute papercraft tigers are ready. this activity is best suited for children who are above 5 years of age.

3. Creative Papercraft Caterpillars


Spring! The best season for admiring nature and the creatures residing in mother nature. Caterpillars are one of those creatures which are most visible during the spring season. They later become butterflies, which are again beautiful to look at. Why not create these cute caterpillars in our home using craft papers so that our kids can adore them whenever they want.

What a great way of making your kid creative and productive in his free time. All you need to do is grab colorful paper of black and brown color and cut them in big circles and paste them together. Later, do the detailing part using the paper cutting method and marker.

Tadaah!! your caterpillars are ready in no time. This activity is best for your preschooler kid. You just need to be precautions while using the scissors.

4. Adorable Papercraft Bunny!


If this papercraft bunny doesn’t melt your heart what else will. Kids tend to learn things faster when taught to them in a fun and creative manner. This pink cute bunny is very easy to make. Just grab a pink color craft paper and cut it into circles and rectangles. Then fold them to give the shape of a bunny. Add detailing part using red and clack sketch pens.

This cute easy papercraft bunny can be used as a decorative item in schools, craft rooms, or offices. It is also a great craft piece to be kept in your kids room. So, grab your preschooler and get started with the crafting. Meanwhile, you can also recite the story of the race of rabbit and tortoise to make the procedure more fun and interactive.

5. Origami Foxes


Another easy animal paper craft for kids is origami animals. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper and creating crafts out of it. It was adopted in India after a while. The technique demands the folding of paper to acquire figures of your choice. Constructing these foxes out of origami art is the easiest and simplest process.

To make these amazing origami foxes, you need to fold the craft paper in the shape of a fox face and make eyes and other facial detailing using a marker or sketch pens.

These papercraft foxes can be also used as bookmarkers. They are very easy to make and fun to play with.

6. Cute Honeybee Papercraft


Who likes honey!? MEEEEE! Yes, I love honey and I’m sure so do your kids. It tastes great, and let’s not get started with the health benefits. We all know that honeybees are responsible for making honey. So why not teach our kids the story of the honey formation while making them construct honeybees using the papercraft technique. it is super easy animal paper crafts for Kids.

This beautiful honeybee papercraft can be made with minimal effort and fewer things. All you need is black, white, and yellow craft paper. Cut them in heart shape and paste them to make a honeybee pattern. Add eyes, wings, and sting. It is ready!

7. Easy Papercraft Crab for Fun


Crabs are the water creatures found near coasts. It will be a great way of teaching your kids about marine life and creatures who reside near water bodies. Crabs aren’t just water creatures but they also form tasty food for people. Let us make this easy crab papercraft for our kids and their fun learning.

The procedure of making this papercraft crab is very easy and your kindergarten kid can make it very easily with minimal guidance. All you need is orange color craft paper cut into a round shape. Fold them from the middle and stick them on blue plain paper. Now draw eyes, claws, and legs.

You may use it as a decoration in your house or art classroom.

8. Innocent Mouse with Paper Folding Technique


A mouse is the most common creature seen in our house roaming from one food item to another. Children often notice them and try to catch them. We can make this cute and easy mouse using papercraft art.

Take a black color craft paper and fold it to acquire the shape of a mouse. Now cut small circles from pink craft paper and make a nose and ears out of it. Paste the paper strands as the mustache and add eyes as well. Your cute mouse is ready!

A very interesting tale related to the mouse is the cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry’, where Jerry is the naughty fun-loving mouse. Children love this cartoon worldwide and it will be a fun activity for them to make their favorite jerry with paper folding art.

9. Charming Frog Craft


Just look at this glittery-eyed frog with a king’s crown. How adorable it is. I’m sure this craft will add to your kid’s favorite craft list. It is very easy to make and the material requirements are so less and inexpensive that you can construct it anytime, anywhere.

You need colorful craft papers. Take a green color craft paper and cut it into a huge circle. Now cut two hearts from pink paper and paste them on the cheeks of the frog. Further, add eyes and a yellow color crown at the head of the frog and enjoy.

A fun fact:- You should recite the story of frog and princess to create interest in your child in fairytales and how animals play important leadership roles in such tales.

10. Creative Papercraft Octopus


Is it just me or do you all find this octopus cute too!? The octopus is another marine animal and it is depicted a lot in kid’s cartoons. We can help our kids to make this 3-D octopus at home with the help of the papercraft technique. This octopus can be made using blue color paper and rolling it in a circular shape and cutting out the hands. Add eyes and mouth. Decorate your kid’s room with this creative papercraft octopus.

These easy animal paper crafts for kids are the best crafting ideas for your kids. You can use them as the animal theme party for your kids’ birthday party, kitty party, gathering party, or just for fun. These animal crafts can be used as decorations to celebrate animal conservation day. It will be easy to create awareness amongst kids in the process of fun crafting.

Develop your kid’s creativity with these easy animal paper crafts for kids.

Which craft did you find easy and most interesting? Let us know in the comment section.

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